Business Intelligence Solutions

After being first to market, Tableau has continued to lead the field in its flexibility in development capabilities.

  • Scalable Pricing

    After two week free trial, base access will start around $1k/yr with different scaling price points after that.

  • Most Envied Visuals

    Tableau is known for its rich array of charts, graphs, widgets that provide endless options to customize the look.

  • Developer Friendly

    If you are a developer, you really like Tableau due to the rich community as well as ability to add custom actions within dashboards.

  • Embedded Solutions

    For the most ambitious projects, Tableau offers a solution to embed your visuals into your web based product.

Google Data Studio (GDS), a free software that provides a lot of value for beginner projects.

  • Free Software

    Like most Google Products, GDS is free with add-ons a separate pricing points.

  • Native Google Product Connectors

    Being a Google Product, GDS has native connectors to all things related to Google.

  • Design Out of the Box

    GDS gives developers a lot of features out of the box to get a nice looking report with less effort, however customization falls way short of Tableau's capabilities

  • Continued Advancements

    After its beta release around 3 years ago, GDS has continued to quickly provide advancements in their platform.

Periscope Data is a class leading business intelligence tool geared towards the most advanced projects.

  • Enterprise Level Software

    Periscope Data is used by many start ups across the world to build B2B software.

  • Native Marketing Data Connectors

    In addition to data warehouse connectors, Periscope has integrations with Adwords, Bing, Facebook and more.

  • Developer Integrations

    Run SQL, Python, and R all in the same interface and visualize the outputs.

  • High Performance

    Native connectors to cloud based data warehouses (like Amazon Redshift) provide high performance for the end user.