Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence is a brand of analytics that involves the integration of disparate data sources via software with the objective of visualizing in a digestible format for key stakeholders to make the right data-driven decisions.

Data sources can encompass CRM data, Advertising data, Financial data, Web Analytics data and more - As the amount of sources increase, complexity increases tremendously requiring a vast range of skills from data engineering, data analysis, statistics and domain knowledge.

The Business Intelligence market has exploded with software vendors that on the surface may appear similar, but understanding the differences amongst them are important when building a Business Intelligence foundation for your company.

Full Stack Engineering

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To be A Full Stack Engineer, knowledge and experience with many modern technologies is required - They must have a firm understanding of both front-end and back-end engineering.

In digital marketing, Full Stack Engineering allows for custom solutions to be built for analytic purposes, where Business Intelligence software may fall short.

The product deliverable of such a solution for analytics in the digital marketing realm, can be a custom web application or a notification system to a stake holder, such as an email.